Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chapter three

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As Zander flicked through the channels on his TV set, he couldn’t help thinking that if this was what 1994 had to offer the world, no wonder people were hiding behind 8 foot walls with electrified wire running along the top, and Dobermans running along the bottom. Who wanted to be out with morons like that.

But then something else caught his eye. It was the same picture of the night sky that he had seen on Pop Vox a few seconds before. This time, however, the picture was a still shot, and the channel was CNN. Perhaps this wasn’t the sensationalist bullshit he thought, after all, the ubiquitous voice of CNN wouldn’t lie to the world, now would it. He took his finger off the beeper and listened for the commentary as the signal stabilised.

Reports started coming in as early as 4a.m. this morning, and local aviation authorities say they did track an unidentified craft for more than 5 minutes. However, they feel this could have been a light aircraft blown off course by heavy winds in the area. General Andrew Mathews, Head of the National Airforce has dismissed the event as a prank, or freak weather conditions. He has also denied that any Security or Intelligence Personnel have been sent to the area. CNN talked to one of those personnel, who had no comment to make at that time.

Typical, thought Zander, Military Intelligence - now there’s a contradiction in terms. The Intelligence community obviously thought that intelligence was to be stamped out at all costs. No, those men dressed in Airforce uniforms and dark suits don’t belong to us. Maybe they just like dressing that way.